What TV shows we should watch tonight


You’ll excuse us for our lethargic coverage of tonight’s TV shows. There’s simply nothing worth watching, though I do suggest giving Ready for Love a try.

Splash @ 8pm, ABC: This is Katherine Webb’s reality show to lose. They simply can’t have her eliminated before the final lest they sink in ratings.

Ready for Love @ 9pm, NBC: I’ll watch this show because I like Eva Longoria. But just once, I swear.

Louisville-UCONN @ 8:30pm, ESPN: Can Louisville complete the double? The women face a tough task against the Huskies.

Chopped @ 10pm, FOOD: Tonight, the viewers pick the ingredients.

The Ultimate Fighter @ 9pm, FX: Last week, Ronda Rousey made a guy tap out. I’d let her tap me out, among other things.