What’s winning the Internet today (10.10.13)

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen on the Internet today.

Mindblowing World Facts

mindblowing world facts

Huffington Post

Get ready to have your perspective changed.
11 Mindblowing Facts That Will Change Your View of the World

Too Much is Just Enough

too much

The Chive

Sometimes Too Much is Just Enough (32 Photos)

But Still…Stay Classy


Ring Girl Jen Mateo

jen mateo

SI Extra Mustard

Plus some completely wacked out Jaguars-Broncos props.
SI Hot Clicks

Halloween News Bloopers

halloween news bloopers


The first one is simply priceless.
The Best Halloween News Bloopers (Video)

The YouTube Comments Choir

Aneta & Her Hairbra

aneta haribra

Gorilla Mask

She makes an excellent transition from bikini to hairbra.
Aneta (NSFWish)

Hottest New NBA Uniforms

hottest new nba uniforms

Elite Daily

Got to admit, those Lakers unis are pretty tight.
The Hottest New Uniforms in the NBA for the 2013-14 Season

Danielly Silva in Bikinis

Danielly Silva


You’ll never believe this, but she is Brazilian.
Luscious Danielly Silva is Out in the Sun

Solid Choice


How to Sneak Alcohol

how to sneak alcohol

MTV Guy Code

Not that we condone such practices.
How to Sneak Alcohol Into a College Football Stadium

Chelsea Gilligan in Bikinis

chelsea gilligan


Might want to put on some sunscreen to block the hotness.
Chelsea Gilligan Returns With a Ton of Bikini Pictures

RG3′s Grocery Store Disguise

rg3 grocery store

Busted Coverage

Wait til you see him from the front. Not very sneaky.
RG3′s Grocery Store Disguise isn’t the Best

Kamilla Alnes in Bikinis

Kamilla Alnes


Wow, but is she ever cute. Good job, Norway!
Model at Midnight: Kamilla Alnes

Endangered Historical Monuments

endangered historical monuments

The Smoking Jacket

These really need to be preserved.
5 Endangered Historical Monuments

Ashley Sky Goes Golfing

ashley sky golfing


I’d play Skins with her.
Ashley Sky Goes Golfing, Looks Hella Hot in New Instagram Video

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday

kat kelley

SI Extra Mustard

Sex Toys For Govt. Employees, Dumb Drug Dealers, Ring Girl Kat Kelley and more!