What’s winning the Internet today (03.29.13)

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen so far today.

Facebook Fails of the Week


It’s Friday. Revel in other people’s ignorance.
15 Most Unflattering Facebook Fails of the Week

Kickass Desktop Wallpaper

The Chive

Go on. Live a little.
Change Your Desktop Wallpaper (20 HQ Photos)

That Actually Seems About Right



Fabiana Semprebom in a Bikini


And she has a cool name too!
Fabiana Semprebom Unleashes a Mega Bikini Drool-Fest

Little Known G.I. Joe Facts

The FW

To get you ready for the big movie this weekend.
10 Things You Didn’t Know About G.I. Joe

Celebrity Spotting With Ed

Cheerleader of the Week

SI Extra Mustard

The Dolphins’ Elizabeth seems like a fun girl.
Cheerleader of the Week

Target Goggles

Clip Nation

Sick of going to Target and buying stuff you don’t need? Try Target Goggles.
Target Goggles (Video)

More Ashlie

Gorilla Mask

Because the last time we saw her it was not nearly enough.
Ashlie (NSFWish)

He Totally Worked Out



Bad Movie Remakes?


These movies deserve another chance.
4 Bad Movies That Could Be Awesome Remakes

Holly Sonders Hotness

Busted Coverage

Who knew The Golf Channel was so sexy?
Holly Sonders Golf Channel Morning Hotness: The Neon Yellow Skirt

Behind the Scenes at ESPN


The Worldwide Leader gives us a peek behind the curtain.
Behind the Walls at ESPN

Crushing on Michelle Keegan

Guy Speed

Just another reason TV is better everywhere else.
Michelle Keegan — Celeb Crush

Great Motivational Quotes

Elite Daily

We all need a little inspiration now and then.
The 10 Motivational Quotes to Get You Back on Track

Jessica Marshall in Bikinis


Yet another sexy British model for us to ogle.
Model at Midnight: Jessica Marshall

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday


Geneva Motor Show Babes, Epic Trampoline Fails, Kelly Brook and more!