What’s winning the Internet today (08.09.13)

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen so far today.

Perhaps the Cutest Kid Ever

baby elvis


No joking here. You REALLY need to watch this and share it with the world.
Baby Elvis Has Left the Backseat (Video)

On the Set of Classic Films

classic films on set

The Chive

Natalie Portman alert!
Go on Set of Some of Your Favorite Films (33 Photos)

About the Same


Becky Lamb in Bikinis

becky lamb

SI Extra Mustard

She’s Australian for sexy.
SI Hot Clicks

Mermaid Options


Huffington Post

Want to be a mermaid? Here are your options.
So, You Want to be a Mermaid?

Washing Machine Delivery Fail

Daniela Braga in Lingerie

daniela braga vs


Where does Victoria’s Secret keep finding these models?
Daniela Braga is New and Out of This Freaking World

People With Super Powers



These folks should band together to fight crime.
Five People Who Might Have Super Powers (Video)

Courtney Tugwell in Lingerie

courtney tugwell

Gorilla Mask

I so want to make a joke about her name, but she’s too pretty.
Courtney Tugwell (NSFWish)

That Tyler Perry, So Wacky


Best Movie Heists

best movie heists

The Smoking Jacket

Entrapment makes the list for that outfit alone.
The 8 Best Movie Heists of All Time

Ring Girl Emily Miller

Emily Miller

Busted Coverage

Emily Miller is most definitely a guy’s girl.
WSOF MMA Ring Girl Emily Miller is Into Harleys, Guns & Kickboxing [PHOTOS]

Pro Wrestling Tag Teams

wrestling tag teams

MTV Guy Code

A look at the absolute worst bromances in the history of the squared circle.
Pro Wrestling Tag Teams: The Ultimate Bromance

Michea Crawford in Bikinis

michea crawford


Sexiest Canadian on the planet?
Model at Midnight: Michea Crawford

How to be a Drug Dealer

how to be a drug dealer


So, you want to cook meth, do you? Better get cable.
How to be a Drug Dealer (According to TV)

Emily Ratajkowski in Lingerie

Emily Ratajkowski lingerie


We can never have too much Emily Ratajkowski.
Emily Ratajkowski in Lingerie for Nasty Gal

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday

Megan Retzlaff

SI Extra Mustard

Best Quitters of All Time, Eccentric Athletes, Megan Retzlaff and more!

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