Wheel of Fortune FAIL—man loses out on huge prize because he can’t read

by 6 years ago

A Wheel of Fortune contestant had a chance at a million dollars on last night’s show. All he had to do was read the puzzle. Sadly, Paul Atkinson stumbled and bumbled his way through the words. The buzzer sounded and an awkward silence commenced.

Here is that glorious moment.

If you couldn’t tell, Paul said “Corno Curio Cabinet.” A serious tongue twister.

Sure, he would have to get to the final to be eligible for the million dollars. And yes, he’d have to land on the right letter in final spin. But dammit Paul, you had one job man, one job.

In the end, Luis took home the big prize, $30k in cash and a brand new Camaro. Paul went home with $2000, a bowtie and a brand new Hooked on Phonics.



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