White guy breakdancing on ‘Family Feud’

Family Feud actively attempts to illicit YouTube-worthy content, but I doubt they expected it to come from a white guy in a shirt and tie breakdancing during his introduction. One minute you’re playing The Feud, the next you’re on America’s Got Talent.

Before you jump on the “that’s not even breakdancing” bandwagon, get over it. He called it breakdancing; I called it breakdancing. Regardless of terminology, Boogaloo Shrimp would be proud of this theater kid’s moves. He might be able to break as well, but that wouldn’t go over well in a shirt and tie let alone gray dress pants. I’m sure Steve Harvey didn’t want to spend the rest of the episode talking to a guy with a slit in his slacks.

He definitely tried to learn this move from YouTube: