‘White House Down’ trailer stars Channing Tatum as Gerard Butler

White House Down looks a lot like Olympus Has Fallen. So who is better prepared to save our President and our country in its darkest hour, Captain Duke Hauser or King Leonidas? You be the judge.

The White House needs some better security. Seriously, there are three movies this year in which the most iconic building in the country is taken over by terrorists. Not to mention I just watched XXX: State of the Union for the 15th time yesterday, and Ice Cube busts in like it’s nothing. For the sake of argument we’ll ignore G.I. Joe: Retaliation for this comparison because it’s unfair to give Channing Tatum two chances to save the White House.

So who would you rather have donning Under Armor? In White House Down, C-Tates is a cop who failed the Secret Service application. In very John McClane fashion, he just so happens to be at taking a tour when all hell breaks lose. On the other hand, in Olympus Has Fallen, Gerard Butler was once on the Presidential Detail, but was kicked down to a desk job at the Treasury Department because he let the President’s wife die…like a jerk. I’m not sure whom I trust to protect this house.