Wild Turkey Spiced elevates two-ingredient whiskey drinks

Colin Joliat


Wild Turkey Spiced is the first ever spiced bourbon. I’m not sure I really want to go down this path, but it’s happening so we might as well do a little experimentation along the way. “We’re having a good time.”

There’s a battle going on between rum and whiskey and the result is crossover products. Rum is trying to hone in on the booming popularity of whiskey. Meanwhile, with flavored whiskey becoming a fan favorite, distillers are looking to steal away some of the flavor lovers that typically drunk rum. That’s why you get products like Brugal 1888, the whiskey drinkers rum, and now Wild Turkey Spiced, which hails from “Kentucky Island.”

“I wanted to develop a liquid that brought to life the best of our robust Bourbon, while borrowing cues that have made island spirits so appealing,” said Eddie Russell. “As the category continues to grow, many people, especially rum drinkers, are becoming curious about Bourbon and its sophisticated, more pronounced taste profile. We believe Wild Turkey Spiced is the perfect drink to bring them into the category.”


Many of the new flavored whiskeys coming to market are under-proof to attract the shot crowd, like Jim Beam Maple at 77-proof or Fireball at 66-proof. Wild Turkey Spiced stomps on that notion at 86-proof. It’s slightly diminished shot appeal is made up for in cocktail usage.

Wild Turkey Spice is not a sipping whiskey. While there is plenty of good flavor, they don’t come together in a way that works well on its own. Not all whiskey needs to be drank neat or on the rocks though. Sometimes I just want a mixed drink, and this works very well in that capacity. At only $23 you won’t feel bad about mixing either.

The Caribbean spices take something as simple as a Whiskey and Mexican Coke to a new level while still maintaining that familiar Wild Turkey backbone. It’s also fantastic with Dr. Pepper (10, because I’m a man) or ginger beer for a twist on the Dark & Stormy.

If you’re tired of the same old drinks, give Wild Turkey Spiced a shot. The added flavors will take drinks with which you’re already comfortable and make them more interesting. It’s not a mind blowing new product, but not everything needs to be. Sometimes a little change is just what the liver doctor ordered.