Win major points with a sparkling margarita

Slamming Mexican beer is a great way to wake up on  Cinco de Mayo, but it’s not everyone’s forte. If you’re part of the Mimosa crowd, Sauza Sparkling Margarita might be right up your alley.


“Launching just in time for the spring and summer entertaining season, Sauza® Sparkling Margarita allows you to easily turn any moment into a celebration. We’ve taken America’s #1 cocktail and made it even more refreshing by adding a bit of effervescence to it.”

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Welcome to the world of carbonated margaritas. They offer lime, wild berry, and mango peach flavors. Yes, it sounds pretty girly, and it is. They actually market the product to women, but it takes a real man to drink woman’s drink. OK, no it doesn’t. The real reason for sharing this is to help you win you major brownie points with your girlfriend. She’ll love you even more for thinking of her on one of the drunkest days of the year. Just don’t tell her it’s only $13.