Wine selection just got a whole lot easier

Picking a bottle of wine that we enjoy is like blackjack. We increase our odds with name recognition and price point, but when the cork’s pulled we’re still gambling. Uproot Wines has solved this problem.

The biggest difficulty isn’t finding quality wine, it’s picking flavors you like. I have no clue how 99.9% of wines are going to taste and have always wanted brands to put tasting notes on every bottle (beer/spirits as well). Uproot’s new labeling system does exactly that, only in visual form.

The front of each bottle bears a simple label called the Flavor Palette. It’s a color bar representing the tasting notes for that particular varietal and vintage. It doesn’t reveal everything you’ll experience, but it gives you a road map for what to expect. Each block corresponds to a different flavor and the size of it illustrates how dominant that flavor is. It couldn’t be more simple. Some of the best advice about wine that I’ve ever received is to know what you don’t like. With a label this descriptive, you’re giving yourself the best shot possible at enjoying your choice.

Uproot is a new wine brand, and as such only have Sauvignon Blanc ready to go. That whole aging thing takes precedent over stocking the cellar. It’s $42 and available through their website. I really hope this brand takes off because that label is set to make my life a whole lot easier. The less guessing I can do before buying a bottle the better off I am.