Woman banned from gym for showing her stomach off, popping a booby out



Do gyms employ people specifically to police members on gym attire?

It feels like every week a woman is getting tossed for wearing gym clothes to a gym. Last time, a woman in Atlanta was shamed for being “too fit” and now a woman in Florida was asked to cover up her stomach.

Here’s her story:

Hug often gets overheated, she says, as she runs on the treadmill or other cardio machines and folds up her sports top, revealing her midriff to cool off. The employee told her she was in violation her contract, she said.

Youfit Health Clubs officials said Hug violated their dress code, which requires all members to wear a shirt, and a sports bra or top is insufficient.

I went on a rant last time about gyms so I’ll complain about a this piece from the story.

Police were called to remove Hug from the building because of repeat dress code violations.

Really? You’ve got to call the cops on a 49-year-old woman in a sports bra? The police have to get involved? Don’t the cops in Florida have ENOUGH to do?

Hug said the partial exposure was unintentional. Her finger caught in the built-in bra as she folded up her shirt, accidentally exposing part of her breast. She said she immediately covered herself.

Oh, well, that throws a whole different coat of paint on things. Nobody mentioned a titty came out. Talk about burying the lede.

Titties get you tossed. That’s just common knowledge.

Woman barred from Bradenton gym for exposing her midriff, she claims [Bradenton Herald]

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