Woman divorces husband for only communicating in post-it notes

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There are many reasons to get divorced. Only speaking for fifteen years via sticky notes is probably a good reason.

It’s also not the weirdest reason couples have called it quits — a man in China recently filed for divorce because of Beijing’s smog problem, which kept him and his wife in different cities, and made them fight during the time spent together. An Italian woman divorced her husband because her mother-in-law was interfering in their marriage and another woman signed the papers because her husband “didn’t use the remote control the right way.” I’m just shocked these didn’t all happen in Florida.

These stories, and more, are available in the new book More Weird Cases by Gary Slapper. It’s a follow-up to his popular book Weird Cases: Comic and Bizarre Cases from Courtrooms Around the World. Slapper is a columnist for the London Times.

I recommend the book, and I also recommend speaking to people in just post-it notes, because I do it all the time.

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