Woman opens rarely used spare bedroom to find 5,000 guest wasps living inside

via M&Y News

The spare bedroom is for guests and out-of-town visitors.

I think 5,000 wasps could be considered guests.

A woman in the UK opened up a rarely used spare bedroom in her house to find a wasp nest and about 5,000 wasps hanging out like they owned the joint. The wasps created a home away from home by chewing through bedding, a blanket and pillow.

The gigantic nest covered the entire bed and went deep inside the mattress. Pest control said they’ve never seen anything like the infestation, and before that day, the biggest wasp nest he’d ever seen was “the size of a tennis ball.”

I’m thinking this is the coming of an insect apocalypse. First there was this tale about 35,000 yellow jackets and then this dude who crashed into a house but couldn’t be saved because of a bee infestation.

The insects are going to take over. I’m calling it.

[via Mirror]

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