7 of the worst types of roommates

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We’ve all had to deal with the dreaded roommate; from psychos to painful introverts to sociopaths to slobs, they’ve become a fixture in the lives of those who can’t afford their own place or prefer to live in the company of a crappy roomie over none at all. Let’s take a look at some of the worst roommates out there.

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7 The Future Locker Room Nudist

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Flesh stuffing, bush flashing, mesh short erupting and dual nip-slipping are all signs of the Future Locker Room Nudist. Beware.

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6 The Host

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The Host always has a guest. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night; it doesn’t matter if there’s a place for them to crash or not. Their casa is always their guest’s casa. This would be nice except for the fact that some guests are there so often (ahem, girlfriends) that they seemed to have carved out their own niche in the fridge and medicine cabinet.

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5 The Omnipresent

fireflythegreat, Flickr

Sometimes you’ll get a roommate who doesn’t venture anywhere past the mailbox. They’re just there, in that same room, either on their iPad or watching TV or talking loudly on the phone. Please, for the love of solace, can you find a hobby or some friends or go see your family?

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4 The Abandoner

greggoconnell, Flickr

Other times, you’ll get the roommate who’s never around. What about fun roommate adventures or splitting a pizza on movie night? What about our proximity-based friendship? You are both missed and loathed.

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3 The Biohazard

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Your bathroom, your kitchen and your laundry room don’t stand a chance against this sink-piling, trash-overflowing, seat-peeing, shower-defiling, lint-clogging lack of shame and hygiene.

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2 The Complainer

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The Complainer will never fail to let loose a barrage of irritable, whiny BS upon your weary, complaint-saturated consciousness. That’s right; you’re their absolute first point of contact…lucky you.

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1 The Experimental Chef

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Some of the unfortunate dishes The Experimental Chef likes to make in your kitchen are Fake Cake, Beef‘splosion, Fried Salad, Scrambled Omelet and Carb-Mountain. Get them a cookbook, immediately.

Photo credit: pixietart, Flickr