Worst woman in the world steals boy’s home run ball, throws it on field

A home run off the bat of Adam Dunn happily found its way to a young Rangers fan. While the boy celebrated his newfound treasure, an evil, tattooed witch stole the ball and threw it back on the field. The woman and her meathead companion celebrated while the boy sulked. I’ve lost faith in humanity.

Here’s a step-by-step look at the boy’s heartbreak.

The home run catch by his father and the celebration

Seriously, look how happy he is

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And now look at the witch, brewing up evil thoughts

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The theft

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The witch throwing the boy’s hopes and dreams on the field

The anguish

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The two suspects laughing at the boy’s expense

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Everything about this is sad. From the peer pressure to the theft to absent dad to lack of protection from mom. That boy deserved better and those people deserve our ridicule.

UPDATE: The mysterious woman was the boy’s sister, which now makes her the worst sibling in the world. The Rangers later made him the fan of the game.