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The WWE Network is already considering running ads, according to sources inside the organization.

In other WWE news, a current superstar is considering opening a wrestling school in his native country, upcoming house show cards reveal interesting storyline possibilities, Kane hosts a forum on concussions and a former WWE is posting sexy but odd photos to her Instagram account.

WWE News and Rumors for May 27, 2014

WWE Network already considering running ads

Chief Strategy & Financial Officer of the WWE, George Barrios, recently admitted that the company has discussed running advertisements on the WWE Network. While ads on the WWE Network are possible, it won’t happen any time soon. The WWE would first need to determine the value of placing ads on the WWE Network. Ads could begin popping up on WWE Network as early as the first quarter of 2015.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the WWE is projected to lose more money this year than any other wrestling company in history. The next closest was WCW in 2000. WWE is expecting to lose between $45 million and $52 million in 2014 to WCW’s $62 million loss in 2000.

WWE previously expected that they would lose $23 million to $26 million in the first six months of 2014.

WWE star considering starting his own wrestling school

DNA India published a feature on professional wrestler Sangram Singh. In the piece, Singh claims he’s been in talks with WWE star The Great Khali about starting a wrestling federation in India.

“Khali and I are seriously looking at an Indian wrestling league,” Singh said. “It’s been my long-cherished dream to bring a wrestling league to India. By starting a wrestling league I hope to provide for wrestling the kind of visible and glamorous platform that the IPL has given to cricket.”

Upcoming house shows tease odd matches

Advertisements for WWE’s June 24th SmackDown tapings in Pittsburgh list a match between Daniel Bryan and The Shield against Randy Orton and The Wyatt Family. This match would protect Bryan and his surgically repaired neck, but also prove, The Shield will stay a face faction at least until Summerslam and continue feuding with at least one remaining member of Evolution.

Kane holds a concussion workshop

Rather interesting considering the man is known for a driving opponents heads into the mat but Glenn “Kane” Jacobs and WWE physician Chris Amann recently held a concussion workshop to raise awareness about the dangers of concussions. WATE 6 News ran a story about the workshop

During the piece, Jacobs noted that he didn’t think that concussions are taken as seriously as they should “because we are such a hyper-competitive society, especially when it comes to sports.”

Stacey Kiebler posts bikini and baby bump pic

Stacey Kiebler is months away from giving birth but is looking as amazing as every. Check out her bikini pics from over the Memorial Day weekend. Warning — pregnant belly included.

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