WWE News and Rumors: Former champion taking extended leave of absence?

via WWE

via WWE

A former WWE titleholder is taking some time off after dropping the belt not that long ago.

There are rumors out of WWE headquarters in Stamford that former WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee is taking some time off after dropping the strap to Paige. Her title reign was lengthy, going almost an entire year as Divas champion, and recent developments in her personal life could the reason for her extended time off.

For those unaware of WWE rumors and news of the relationship kind, AJ Lee is the girlfriend (and now fiancee) of former WWE star CM Punk. Punk’s recent falling out with the company could have something to do with the time off or it could just be a much needed break for both Lee as a performer and her character.

I wrote about Punk’s leaving being a good thing back in January. I feel the same about AJ Lee leaving the WWE for a little while. AJ was one of the only reasons I paid any attention to the Divas. First, she’s a strong heel character. There are two types of heel character — the unstoppable force and the constant agitator. AJ Lee was the perfect female agitator. Perhaps the best overall performer of all the Divas. The Bella Twins have the potential but the reality show has kind of squashed those character progressions for either sister. It’s hard to hate women planning a wedding to Daniel Bryan or crying over Mr. Fruity Pebbles, no matter how much either turns up the “hot chick” attitude.

Give her some time off, let her get married, and keep her out of the minds of the WWE fan for a while. She can come back fresh and ready to screw somebody out of a Diva title. Perhaps she could even return with her new husband to form the greatest heel man and woman duo since Macho King and Sensational Sherri.

AJ Lee needs the break. Her body and the character.

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