WWE Rumors: Adam Rose won’t debut until Payback



WWE rumors for this kick off to a week begin with news about the debut of Adam Rose.

Other WWE rumors and news includes Sheamus’ heel turn not going according to plan, the rumored matches for Payback PPV, more on Mason Ryan being released, Steve Austin and Eric Bischoff discuss their bad blood, Batista inks another movie and more.

WWE Rumors

Adam Rose may debut at Payback

According to Fansided, Adam Rose won’t make his in-ring debut with the WWE until the Payback PPV. Rose will continue to show up and party on Raw, but the NXT star won’t see actual action until Payback.

Rose will continue to interrupt Zeb Coulter and Jack Swagger promos and possibly interfere in a match. All will build to a Payback match between the two WWE superstars.

Rumored lineup for WWE Payback

Payback will be held on PPV on Sunday, June 1, 2014, at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois. Here’s the proposed card for Payback so far.

Daniel Bryan vs. Kane
Evolution vs. The Shield
John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt
Adam Rose vs. Jack Swagger

Other possible matches include The Usos vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel and Cesaro versus Rob Van Dam for the Intercontinental Championship.

Sheamus heel turn not catching on with fans

NoDQ.com is reporting on the rumors of Sheamus’ heel turn. WWE is expected to move forward with the idea, and push the turn harder, in the next few weeks.

WWE creative thought that Sheamus winning the title with a kick to the head of Dean Ambrose would signify the Celtic warrior had turned, but many fans thought it was just Sheamus trying to win the match and the belt. Look for Sheamus to start a feud in the next week with a face, possibly Ambrose or another superstar looking to win the United States Heavyweight Championship.

More on surprising Mason Ryan cut

The release of Mason Ryan last week came as a shock to wrestling fans. Rumors from inside the WWE are saying that Ryan was still liked within the company, but other factors led to his release.

The WWE brass liked his size, the fact he didn’t have an ego and the idea of having a Superstar face from Wales but officials felt that Mason Ryan wasn’t improving at a fast enough rate.

Stone Cold and Eric Bischoff discuss bad blood

WrestlingInc.com has interesting news from the world of wrestling podcasts.

Former WCW head Eric Bischoff was a guest on the Stone Cold Steve Austin podcast. Bischoff and Austin have legendary heat between the two going back to Austin’s early days in WCW and being unceremoniously dumped via FedEx letter while being laid up with an injury.

Bischoff gives his side of the story.

Austin and Bischoff both gave their take on the firing on the show. Austin noted that he was about 3/4 healed when he was fired. Austin acknowledged that they wanted for him to appear at a TV taping and cut a promo, and that he had volunteered to do something prior to that but was told not to worry about it, which got up his “crawl a little bit.”

Bischoff noted that he wanted Austin to stay on with the roster despite his injury, and felt that they could work around the issues. Bischoff wanted Austin on television to keep his character alive and wanted him to cut a promo. Bischoff admitted that WCW was “a bit of a clusterf-ck” back then and there could have been miscommunication, but he told Tony Schiavone to tell Austin to appear at the tapings. Schiavone called Austin, and told Bischoff that Austin’s wife answered, and he could hear Austin in the background saying that he wasn’t there.

“He ain’t coming,” Schiavone said. Bischoff said he felt that “it was kind of bullsh-t,” which caused him to make the decision that he did. Austin didn’t remember the phone call, but admitted that it was probably true and he probably would have made the same decision that Bischoff did in his shoes.

Listen to the rest of the interview here.

WWE News

WWE Network considering new shows

The WWE Network is considering some interesting shows to add to the lineup.

According to Fansided, among the shows WWE is looking for produce includes “something along the lines of ‘The Daily Show’ or Colbert Report.”

Batista signs on to star in 80s movie remake

Batista’s Hollywood star could be on the rise since industry insiders are expecting Guardians of the Galaxy to reach the typical comic book hero success at the box office.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the part-time WWE superstar just inked another deal to star in a major 80’s remake. WWE star Dave Bautista and UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre are “stepping into the ring” for a remake of the Jean Claude Van Damme flick Kickboxer.

WWE reportedly signs new deal with NBCUniversal

According to Dave Meltzer and his Wrestling Observer Radio show, sources in the television industry claim that WWE has already cut a new deal with NBCUniversal for their programming. The WWE is going to allow NBCU to announce the big news this coming Thursday when they will announce their cable portfolio for the year ahead.

Summer Rae ‘broken up’ over Fandago and Layla

Continuing a storyline that started weeks ago, Summer Rae continues to sell the storyline of her breakup with Fandago and feud with Layla.

Summer Raw “exploded” on Twitter last week after watching her ex-flame kiss Layla on Smackdown.


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