WWE Rumors — Fans don’t care about Daniel Bryan return and Lawler the creep

WWE rumors on the day after Raw include the news of Daniel Bryan’s pre-show Money in the Bank appearance.

Other WWE rumors include Batista’s eventual return to the WWE, Matt Hardy and why he loves screwing with internet fans, Jerry Lawler being a creep, and Bray Wyatt being Bray Wyatt.

WWE rumors for June 24th

Fans don’t react to Daniel Bryan’s upcoming MITB appearance

According to sources over at WrestlingInc, it was noted by more than a few fans in attendance at Raw last night confirmed the WWE rumors that there was almost “no reaction” when WWE showed graphics for Daniel Bryan’s Money In the Bank pre-show appearance.

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that fans aren’t excited to get Daniel Bryan back, but a pre-show camera spot isn’t exactly a reason to get all excited. If fans don’t pop at Bryan at the actual Money In the Bank event, then there might be cause for concern.

Batista to return but not with Evolution?

Batista made an appearance at the Wizard World comic convention in Philadelphia this past weekend to promote Guardians of the Galaxy. Batista appeared alone due to scheduling conflicts and took questions from the crowd. A fan asked “The Animal” if a WWE return in the future was likely and he replied that he’ll “definitely” be returning to the WWE.

A young WWE fan in the crowd asked Batista a follow-up question about the return and if he’ll join or feud with Evolution. Batista just smiled at the question.

Matt Hardy feeds off internet fans, why it’s hard to get real heat

Matt Hardy was a guest on The Straight Shoot and opened up about his career and run in Ring of Honor. Hardy had some great insight on why it’s so hard for wrestlers to generate legitimate heat and why “internet fans” are the easy to get riled up and why he enjoys it so much.

Jimmy Uso talks about getting busted

Jimmy Uso, one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, was a guest on 106.7 The Fan in Washington, DC to promote Money In the Bank and last night’s episode of Raw.

Uso revealed the WWE rumors were true and that he and Naomi really were busted having sex on the luxury bus during the filming of Total Divas. It wasn’t scripted and made into a storyline on the show. “I honestly, I couldn’t hold out any longer,” Uso told host Chuck Carroll. “They caught us flat out.”

Bray Wyatt jumps into slop for fun

After Raw went off the air last night, Bray Wyatt took a moment to jump into the slop from the Vicki Guerrero and Stephanie McMahon match just for fun. Click here to see the photo of Bray’s swim in the slop.

Jerry Lawler celebrates the fact he’s a pervert

During last night’s Raw, Paige joined the announce crew to discuss her Money in the Bank match against Naomi. As Paige got up to hit the ring, Jerry Lawler took notice of Paige’s backside. To add insult to creepiness, Lawler posted a photo of doing it to his Twitter account. Cageside Seats explains why this is a big deal, and needs to stop.

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