WWE rumors & news: Will Daniel Bryan be stripped of the titles?



Triple H sat down with Michael Cole to address Daniel Bryan’s injury.

It’s not looking too good for the fan favorite.

In other WWE news and rumors — backstage issues with Triple H and Vince McMahon, Brock Lesnar’s return, Sting’s debut, a developmental talent on the way and the financial hardships of WWE referees.

WWE rumors & news

Triple H discusses Bryan injury, title decision

WWE Executive Director Triple H sat down with Michael Cole to discuss Daniel Bryan’s injury and what it means for his chances of keeping the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship around his waist during recovery.

Triple H was honest about the decision that has to be made by The Authority and what it means to Bryan’s future as champion, and possible with the company.

Vince McMahon and Triple H Power-Sharing Situation Causing Issues?

This is WWE news that’s sure to shock very few who’re familiar with Vince McMahon’s need for total control over the WWE universe. Per a recent report, this odd power-sharing situation is causing increasing confusion and frustration backstage.

It’s been noted to us what an impossible position Paul Levesque has been put in when it comes to talent relations, because Vince McMahon is still the guy making all the final calls, and he changes his mind frequently. It’s become a big frustration of talent that they are told a certain direction by Levesque, and then Levesque is put in the position of having to get with the talent again and explain that what he told them before isn’t happening.

Brock Lesnar to return at Night of Champions

WWE news from Wrestling Observer Newsletter says that Brock Lesnar may work this year’s WWE Night of Champions PPV. Lesnar is scheduled for a two show feud at SummerSlam and continuing to Night of Champions.

WWE is looking to load up the Night of Champions card. Night of Champions takes place in late September and a round of WWE Network subscriptions renewals are due around the same time.

Sting still not WWE bound

Within WWE, Sting signing has been considered imminent since before WrestleMania XXX. Sources close to Sting have both claimed for over a month that the WWE deal was just a matter of “dotting the i’s” but nothing has changed in weeks.

WrestlingInc.com reports that Sting’s scheduled for more WWE Network projects but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s signed because he wasn’t under any kind of contract when he was interviewed for the Ultimate Warrior specials.

Prince Devitt has arrived

In WWE developmental news, Prince Devitt is expected to arrive this August. Wrestlers who worked with Devitt in Japan expected him to sign with WWE since as early as last fall.

WWE refs are broke?

Interesting nugget of info from Wrestling Observer regarding WWE referees — “Apparently some WWE referees are unhappy with their pay and are having a hard time making a living due to expenses from traveling. Like talents, referees are based on how business is doing and get hurt more when live event payoffs are down.”


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