WWE Rumors & News: Vince’s angry text to WWE star and where he’ll never be allowed back

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WWE rumors and news kicks off with an angry text message no superstar wants to get from Vince McMahon.

Other news and rumors from the WWE includes a former superstar discussing Cesaro’s “slam” of the Big Show, Jim Ross’s new announcing gig, Daniel Bryan’s neck injury and its effect on Payback, Wyatt and Cena one more time and Jerry Lawler’s video deal.

WWE Rumors

Chris Jericho and his text from Vince McMahon

Former WWE star and current podcaster and music player Chris Jericho made an appearance on The Opie & Anthony Show this week. Jericho discussed his upcoming projects and possible return to the WWE.

The talk turned to Jericho’s controversial moments in Brazil from a few years back which landed him, and the WWE, in hot water. Here’s Jericho’s side of the tale.

“He talked about kicking the Brazilian flag at a WWE live event in Brazil and said after the match, he went backstage and there were soldiers with guns. A Colonel had also gotten upset and flipped over a table due to the whole thing. Vince McMahon sent Jericho a text saying, “You will not be coming back to Brazil. what the f–k is wrong with you, why would you do something like that? I’m so angry at you.” Jericho, confused because he was just playing a heel, called Vince and Vince suspended him, told him to get on the next plane to fly home, called Jericho’s actions “bush-league bulls–t” and then hung up on him. Jericho found out how long he was suspended by reading WWE’s website.”

Check out the official Opie & Anthony website to hear the entire interview.

Former WWE star doubts Cesaro’s slam of Big Show

Former WWE star Chris Masters recently spoke to The Roman Show and discussed Cesaro body slamming The Big Show out of the ring to win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 30.

Masters said this about Cesaro’s “feat of strength”: “I am pretty sure Big Show jumped for him,” Masters said. “Not to take away anything from Cesaro he looks like a talented worker who can probably bring his work down a little bit and his body up, but that’s just my opinion. If he slammed the Big Show than I can probably press the Big Show.”

Jim Ross will make FOX Sports 1 debut on Memorial Day

Jim Ross will be making his FOX Sports 1 debut on Monday, May 26 as a commentator for Golden Boy Promotions.
Jim Ross tweeted about his debut the other day.

The boxing event is salute to the troops and take place at Fort Bliss’ Stout Fitness Center in El Paso, Texas.

WWE News

Daniel Bryan’s Neck Injury and Payback status

Daniel Bryan announced on Raw last night he’d need surgery to repair his neck. The injury is legit and now the proposed PPV card for Payback is in doubt.

In case you missed Raw last night, here’s the official announcement from Daniel himself.

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt Payback Match

It was confirmed on Raw last night that John Cena will face Bray Wyatt at Payback in a “Last Man Standing” match. This will be the third straight PPV match in which the two will lock horns.

Lawler in Talks With WWE About Memphis Championship Wrestling Video Library

Jerry Lawler noted in a new interview with Bleacher Report that he’s working on gathering the entire Memphis Wrestling tape library and is in talks with WWE about making the library available to the company so they can use it on the WWE Network.

Random news from the WWE and TNA

WWE has released a new “King of Swing” t-shirt for Cesaro and it’s a play off the old King of the Ring logo, at this link.
After months of being off TV, TNA has not renewed the contract of Hernandez. His profile has been removed from the official TNA roster and added to the alumni section.
The official Wrestlemania XXX DVD and Blu-Ray are now available for purchase.


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