Zac Efron, Dave Franco, and the dudes from ‘Neighbors’ give us their best Robert DeNiro impressions

In case you didn’t get the memo, in honor of Universal Picture’s upcoming film ‘Neighbors,’ in theaters this Friday, today is ‘DeNiro Day’ on Guyism. The cast members, including Zac Efron & Dave Franco, put together this exclusive clip for us of their very best Robert DeNiro impressions.

Here are the things we know before even watching this clip: A) these dudes are hilarious, and B) This movie is directed by Seth Rogen, who’s on his way to being the greatest comedic mind representing the millennial generation. Everyone in this film has both comedic and acting chops…so let’s get to the clip, shall we?

Well, I’m sold. But I admitted before even watching the clip that I was sold. You’ve got a winning cast with a hilarious concept. There’s literally NO WAY that this movie won’t make you laugh, unless of course you have a massive stick up your ass.

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