10 Best Party Lifehacks You Might Not Know About

Every Bro has a story, every Bro has a lifehack. Want to win a trip to Chicago’s most anticipated music festival this Summer? Submit your most innovative party hack photos on Twitter using the hashtag #MikeHackTheParty and you could see your hack come to life at the Woven House party sponsored by mike’s hard lemonade.

In the meantime, check out a couple of helpful lifehacks you need to know for the summer:

1. Not everyone has an easy time opening beers, so hang this bottle opener up right by the coolers! The lower half is magnetic, which keeps the bottle caps from falling on the floor.

2. Can’t get your beer open? Here’s 6 ways to open a beer (and impress your friends) without a bottle opener.

3. If the music dies for some reason, be the hero of the party with this simple impromptu speaker!

4. Late night party and you can’t see any beer in the cooler? Throw a glow stick in there, it’ll light up the water and you can see where the beer cans are floating.

5. Tired of your jungle juice getting warm and watered down? Instead of small ice cubes, throw a giant ice block in with it. The ice block will melt slower, plus all you have to do to make one is freeze water in a large baking pan.

6. If you can’t find a bottle opener to hang on the wall, just tie a bottle opener to the side of your cooler. 

7. If your friends try to trick you into opening a can of beer they just shook up, tap hard on the tab where the beer comes out 3 times. Then tap 3 times again on the side of the can. Open and voila, no fizz!

8. If for some reason your coolers are extra-leaky, use your washing machine to keep your beer cold during a party! The water will drain by itself since it’s in the washer.


9. If you can’t afford top shelf liquor like most of us, filter the cheap stuff through a Brita filter 4 times. It’ll taste closer to more expensive vodkas at over half the price!

10. Don’t have a beer cooler or keg to keep your beers in? No problem! Cut out a hole in the bottom corner of the beer case. This way you can keep them cold in the fridge and still have a portable case that’s not falling apart from people ripping through the cardboard.