These Are The 10 Fattest States In America And 8 Of Them Are In The South

Somewhat to my surprise, I’ve only lived in 1 of the ’10 Fattest States in America’. I figured with my atrocious diet and perpetual apathy towards cardio I’d have single-handedly affected these results, alas I haven’t lived in any of America’s fattest states in the past 15 or so years.

By the way, before we look at this list of the ’10 Fattest States in America’ (below) I was a bit conflicted on my headline because I’ve never been fully clear on whether or not West Virginia is considered part of ‘The South’.Furthermore, I don’t consider Texas as part of the South so that’s not included in the ‘8 out of 10’ number, and I know that the Southern classification of the Lone Star State can be a hot button topic for many. I’ve always considered Texas to be its own distinct entity but I also consider Western Texas to be part of the ‘Southwest’. If you disagree come fight me in the comments down below.

Now, here are the 10 Fattest States in America via WalletHub:

If you didn’t see your home state in the top 10 and you want to find out where your state ranks among all 50 you can CLICK HERE to see all of the results over on UPROXX, our sister site.

The fact that The South straight up dominated 2016’s ‘Fattest States in America’ rankings isn’t surprising given these obesity rates we posted back in September which showed the South is far and away the fattest region of America.

I’ll say that my home state of Florida comes in at #30 in the rankings, which isn’t very surprising. The weight makeup of Florida is pretty varied with a huge population of elderly folks who have all given up on physical fitness as well as a younger population that stays shredded year round because we go to the beach 200+ days a year.

…(via WalletHub)…

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