10 First Date Ideas For Bros Low On Cash

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I’m sure just by reading the title of this article, you’re hesitant to move forward because the idea of being a Bro low on cash doesn’t usually equate to a plethora of pussy (hate that word, couldn’t avoid it though, love me some alliteration).

Here’s the thing though, not all women give a shit about how much money you make. In fact, I’d venture to say that those types of women are actually a much smaller subset than you think. They meet on Wednesdays in dark alleys and are often seen wearing neon.

You don’t have to be making it rain Benjis day in and day out to snag a date. However, being cash poor is NO excuse for showing a girl a shitty time. If you’re broke at the moment and you feel like it’s been hindering your love (sex) life, fret no longer!

Here’s some shit you can do without spending a ton of money that will also leave your lady caller smitten:

Go on a hike:

This is obviously an activity for a very particular sort of girl, but permitting she’s into the outdoorsy stuff, this is an awesome way to spend time together without spending any money whatsoever. Pick a quaint location with a kickass view and you’re set. Maybe even try to go around sunrise or sundown to add that extra special dollop of romance.

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