’10 Hours Of Walking In NYC As A Lamborghini’ Is So Deep I Just Drowned

Ideas for the ’10 hours of walking in NYC’ videos have officially been exhausted, as this one just dropped on us of some ‘young millionaire’ driving around the five boroughs for 10 hours in a Lamborghini.

Are they just trying to get attention? Because that sure as shit worked. In this city one of the things I first noticed after moving here the better part of a decade ago is that you NEVER see new cars. I’m not saying that the cars aren’t new, and I’m talking about Manhattan specifically, not the outer boroughs. But growing up in Florida when new luxury models and sports cars were released you’d take notice of them on the street, but given the lack of individual drivers here and predominance of taxis, it’s just something you very rarely see.

So when you do in fact see a Lamborghini or a Ferrari on the streets here in NYC you absolutely DO take notice. It’s like spotting the great white buffalo. Therefore, if they were trying to make any sort of a point in this video, it was lost on me. All I saw was 10hrs condensed down into 3.5-minutes of New Yorkers gawking over a piece of Italian perfection:

Really, driving silently? Did you want him to honk at you?

Totally legal speeds here, I’m sure…

I guess really the only exception I take with this video is that they’re calling Westchester County ‘NYC’.


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