10 Things you Need on 4/20 Besides Drugs

 Things you need to maximize your 4/20 Experience

10. Video games. FIFA, Sky Rim or whatever will entertain you for hours. Sit down and play FIFA the next thing you know the sun went down and you have been sitting on the couch for six hours. For those of you without friends, go online and talk more trash than usual.

9. Outdoor activities. A soccer ball, Frisbee maybe a kite. If you have a dog take him or her for a walk and you’ll be sure to attract attention from the opposite sex. Go outside enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Maybe just sit outside and read a book. 4/20 is the only day that Hacky-Sack is an acceptable activity.

8. 4/20 gear or clothing. Deck yourself out in as many “swag pieces” as you own. To properly dress for 4/20 you should look like you just came out of Macklemore’s Thrift shop video. Sunglasses are a must on 4/20. No one wants their eyes looking like they are starring in a Clear Eyes commercial with Ben Stein. Drug Rugs are so last decade, so head to your local Pac Sun, Spencer’s or even a thrift shop to gear up for tomorrow.

7. A nice room with a plethora of couches or beds. If you’re feeling nostalgic bean bags would be a great alternative. Lava lamps and black lights are always a plus. Beds are always available, but think outside the box. Its a holiday.

6. Find a concert. Preferably in an outdoor venue. It doesn’t matter if it’s a jam band or a DJ go see some live music. If you’re adventurous just go to your local amphitheater or concert hall and buy a ticket. Experience something new. Coachella is over and DMB isn’t starting their tour for another month so relax.

5. Drinks. There is nothing worse than getting cottonmouth on 4/20. The classic choice is Mountain Dew or if you live near a 7/11 a slurpie. For those of you over 21 pick up some 40’s from the nearest corner store. If you want to be on the safe side just turn on your tap and enjoy the endless stream of H20.

4. Music. Gangster rap, classic rock or EDM. Whatever your poison is, sit back relax and listen to some good tunes. Browse the web and try to find a 4/20 radio station. Someone has done all the hard thinking for you.

3. Youtube. Spend the day watching viral vids. For all you Harry Potter fans check out Wizard People. A classic is the Leprechaun in the Hood. If any creative types are reading this consider making your own video. Vimeo is also acceptable if you consider Youtube too mainstream.

2. A Netflix account. Most of the day will be spent on the couch watching That 70’s Show, Workaholics, Bevis and Butthead or a long list of movies. Check out Dazed and Confused or any of the classic Cheech and Chong films.

1. Food; lots and lots of food. This is a more personal thing. Some prefer sweets, others prefer salty treats such as pretzels and chips. The most common choice is fast food. Arby’s, McDonalds, Wendy’s it doesn’t matter, but make your reservations for Taco Bell today!

Happy Holidays. Have a great time and be safe.