This Innocent Prank Will Drive Cyclists Insane While You Sit Back And Laugh Your Ass Off

by 5 years ago

Want to sit back and laugh your face off while driving cyclists insane? This is the prank for you. If, like me, you’re probably sick and tired of cyclists acting like entitled pieces of sh*t. You can’t take one more instance of a cyclist yelling in traffic because you’re in their way even though you’re the one who is following the correct/legal traffic patterns. But maybe, like me, you’re extremely apathetic, and the fact that cyclists are the worst human beings on the planet (worse than poachers AND the dentist who killed Cecil the Lion) isn’t enough to get you up off your butt and put the scumbag cyclists of the world in their places. And that’s precisely why this prank is brilliant, you don’t actually have to go anywhere.

You can pull this prank off from the comfort of your own home/porch/apartment/car or wherever the hell you want to pull this prank. You just need some tape, some money, and some string (a fishing pole would work as well). You attach that money to the retractable string and wait for a cyclist to come on by, then when that moron reaches for the cash on the ground you pull it back and laugh your face off as that scumbag cyclist writhes around on the ground in anger at having lost out on the chance at a free Gatorade.


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