These Are The 15 Best Horror Movies You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now

When it comes to horror movies, Netflix tends to have an overabundance of shitty films when compared to other genres. Action? We get options like Die Hard and Inside Man. Romance? Love Actually and The Notebook. Horror? Deathslayer 9: The Slaying and Big Breasted Bimbo Gets Her Brains Bludgeoned. Outside of the young teenage male demographic, no one is going to fucking watch those.

We realize how hard it is to sort through all the shitty options Netflix gives you, so rather than scrolling around for hours on end we’ve found 15 solid horror flicks that are currently available on Netflix. Granted, they’re probably not all the typical “horror” movies you’re expecting, but if you go into a flick like The Babadook with an open mind, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.