This 175-Pound Pit Bull Is Capable Of Snapping Your Arm In Half With His Jaws, And He’s Worth $500,000

Pit bulls suffer from an extremely unfair reputation as dangerous and violent dogs. We first brought you a clip of ‘Hulk’ the 175-pound pit bull earlier in the year with me saying I wanted to ride him into battle. Now the team from Barcroft TV has gone up New Hampshire to meet the breeders and trainers at Dark Dynasty K9’s, the people responsible for training and taking care of the world’s largest pit bull.

At first I’m watching this video of the dogs jumping obstacles and attacking, and listening to this guy talk about training them as elite guard dogs, and I have to admit I began to judge him a little. Thinking that he was in it to breed terrifying beasts and sell them at a huge markup. But as the video goes on he begins to discuss how in tune they are with the dogs, and how there’s no such thing as a dog that snaps.

Pit bulls have long had a reputation for dogs that ‘snap’ and attack. Often it’s a child or stranger who will garner national news when a pit bull attacks them after ‘snapping’ and viciously attacking. But as he states in the video, no dog just ‘snaps’, it’s an lifetime of events and signs that led up to the incident and the trainers/handlers/owners responsible simply weren’t paying attention.

He claims the male puppies of Hulk will sell for $25,000 and that he’s been offered $250,000 to $500,000 for Hulk himself…which is just INSANE. This isn’t some show dog who will bring in multiple generations of championship bloodlines, he’s a family dog from New Hampshire being trained as a guard dog. To drop $500,000 on a dog that some people claim is actually a pit bull mixed with a mastiff (keyword: claim) is patently insane.

But Hulk does appear to love his family dog duties, and if he’s bringing in $25,000 to $30,000 per puppy then he just might be one of the most profitable dogs in history.

Here’s the original clip of the ‘Hulk’ that’s now over 7,000,000+ views on YouTube:

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