20 Insane Moments Where Steve-O Narrowly Escaped Death In Honor Of His 42nd Birthday

Jeff Tremaine is the genius that created Jackass and turned the lives of normal, everyday teenage boys looking for a chance to dare each other to do the most dangerous and dumbest of acts on camera, into superstars. Steve-O is one of the best stories of the entire Jackass originals.

Stephen Glover rose to fame after sending in videos to Jeff Tremaine showcasing some of the most insane acts any of the Jackass crew had even thought about doing. He quickly became the member of the group that did the worst stunts.

Of all the dumb stunts the comedian has performed during his time with the Jackass crew, he had some that were just plain amazingly stupid. Sure, we all watched it and we laughed to tears when he would abuse his body for a stunt that we all knew no one else would do. But that didn’t make it any less stupid or dangerous.

As Steve-O prepares to celebrate his 42nd birthday on Monday, we are all wondering how he ever made it this far in life after all the near death stunts he performed including putting a Black Widow spider in his mouth last September.

Here are the other dangerous and gross stunts that Steve-O has given us over the past 16 years.

20. High Dive 2 (Season 2)

To start things off, we wanted to introduce you to Steve-O and his ability to do anything, regardless of the dangers around it.

19. Idiot Launch (Season 3)

In the third and final season of the hit TV show, the idea arose to make a human catapult that would shot Steve-O into the air and hopefully back down into the lake below. The worst injury occurred to Johnny Knoxville’s ankle but that’s only because Steve-O was lucky.

18. The Fish Hook (Jackass Number Two)

If you like Jackass stunts, you will love this one. The idea was great. Steve-O put’s a fish hook through his cheek and becomes human bait for the sharks below. When his foot grazes the side of a shark, the stunt ends. So when shit gets real, it all ends on this one.

17. Shot Glass (TV)

Steve-O continued to impress people with his constant ability to push the envelope of what he would or wouldn’t do. The shot glass was nothing more than picking up a scotch glass of water using nothing but your mouth and drinking it in one take. It might look easy, but it is anything but simple.

16. Elephant Poo Dive (Season 1)

Of course Steve-O would be the one member of the Jackass team to stand on a ladder and jump several feet below into a kiddie pool full of elephant poo.

15. Jellyfish Sombrero (Season 2)

Have you ever stepped on a jellyfish by accident? It burned worst than anything you have ever experienced in your life, right? Can you imagine how it feels to put one on your head? It sounded painful.

14. Tee Ball (Jackass 3D)

Some of the best stunts from Jackass are usually the ones that are so simple and stupid like when he took a shot to the nuts from a baseball as Ryan Dunn knocked a home run off the tee.

13. The Goldfish (Season 1)

Steve-O quickly became known for doing just about anything he was dared to do and the ideas kept coming as the show slowly became the biggest hit on MTV, ever. The Goldfish is a legendary stunt he performed in Season 1 when he drank a goldfish and toss it back up, alive.

12. Anal Fireworks (Jackass: The Movie)

Shooting fireworks from your butt isn’t the greatest idea in the world. But then again, this is Jackass and good ideas are left in the studio.


11. Alligator Tightrope (Jackass: The Movie)

If Steve-O fell, he might have been eaten alive. If that isn’t dangerous, nothing is. Everything about this stunt sucked until it became awesome when a gator grabbed the meat causing one of the best moments in cinema history.

10. Jai Alai (Season 2)

Yes, they were throwing oranges but you should understand something about physics, when something is traveling at such a high velocity, it doesn’t matter how soft the item is that hits you, it is going to hurt worse than anything you have ever felt in your life.

9. Extreme Ice Skating

Was the tutu necessary for this stunt? If you asked that question, you just don’t get it.

8. Wasabi Snooters (Jackass: The Movie)

Do you get the point yet? Steve-O wasn’t crazy, he was insane. He snorted wasabi on a whim and it wasn’t even close to something normal people would do without at least thinking about it for a while.

7. The Fart Mask (Jackass Number Two)

If you ever smelt a fart, you know that it can be really bad to the point of causing you to throw up. Now pretend you had to wear a helmet that kept that fart smell contained forcing you to breathe in that smell and nothing else.

6. The Butt Chug (Jackass Number Two)

Nope, next.

5. Eyeball Leech (Jackass Number Two)

Could he have lost his eye? Sure. But only if he ripped it off right away. Props to Steve-O for being a man and not taking it off his eyeball once the leech was locked in.

4. Butt Piercing (Season 2)

Why? If you start asking that question about the stunts in Jackass, you need to move along because you will never get the answer. (Sorry for the quality of the video)

3. Off-Road Tattoo (Jackass: The Movie)

Steve-O was definitely dedicated to his art. In a surprising moment, Steve-O had Henry Rollins give him a real tattoo in the back of a jeep while driving in the bumpiest road they could think of, making the tattoo even better than they originally intended.

2. Sweatsuit Cocktail (Jackass 3D)

The top two stunts are quite possibly the most disgusting things ever attempted by a human for laughs. Just watch, because explaining it would be harder than you think.

1. Poo Cocktail Supreme (Jackass 3D)

After everything else you have seen today, nothing should surprise you anymore. However, Steve-O raised the bar to a level the Jackass team has never seen before when he got into a fully-loaded port-a-potty and was shot into the sky with a bungee cord while strapped down inside the thing. Gross is a vast understatement.