Guy Takes 300 Mile Taxi Ride To Surprise Fiancee But The Surprise Was On The Taxi Driver When They Reached His Destination

A 35-year-old guy from NYC wanted to surprise his fiancee. She lives about 300 miles away.

So he called a taxi, tossed his kids in the car, and told the driver “don’t stop until we hit Uniontown, Pa!” Those might not have been his EXACT words but I’m trying to paint a picture here!

The taxi took the Williams family all the way to Uniontown, and after they arrived, Mr. Williams had some bad news for the driver — he didn’t have any money to pay the $749 fare.

The taxi driver calls the po-po and Williams tells them his credit card is “maxed out for the day.” The cops lock him up for theft of services and he’s still in jail because no one could post the $2,500 bail. His kids are now just hanging out waiting for his hearing on July 7th.

I’m assuming he was traveling all those miles to tell his fiancee and kids “surprise! I’m a deadbeat!”

[via NBC New York]

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