This Dude Built A 360° Flamethrower And Tested It On Snow — My Pyro Urges Just Went From Six To Midnight

Well I have new purpose in life, and that purpose is to build a flamethrower and film it in 360°, trudge out into the mountains, and blast snow until it looks like a mountain range of marshmallows. In the latest video from FullMag they’ve constructed a flamethrower, which in and of itself would be badass enough. But after building it they then head into snow-covered woods and completely demolish the landscape using their badass flamethrower.

I’d say that this is straight out of a Hollywood movie but the fact of the matter is that this flamethrower is cooler than anything Hollywood’s capable of building. This is REAL LIFE BADASSERY and I want in on the action:

Until watching this video I never knew that I had the desire to blast a snow mound with a flamethrower. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I grew up in Florida and didn’t see snow for my first time until I was 10 years old, and then didn’t see it again until I was 20. Even during the blizzards over the past decade that I lived in NYC I was constantly mesmerized by the falling snow. Snow is entrancing, and awesome. I also probably don’t hate snow because I never had to shovel it while living in the city, or at least this is what my friends who live in the ‘burbs always told me. That said, until now I never knew I wanted to blast the ever living shit out of the snow using a flamethrower…but I do, I really REALLY DO.

So how do we make this happen? Who wants to go in with me on the building of a flamethrower and drive out into the country before Spring hits? And do you have any idea as to what a project like this might cost us when it’s all said and done? PM me on Twitter or hit me up in the comments down below (sadly, I don’t read the Facebook comments so I’ll never see your comments there).

[FullMag YouTube]

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