42-Year-Old Kelly Slater Does Something That No Other Human Being Has Ever Done On A Surfboard

Strap in kids and get ready for a wild ride with the one and only Kelly Slater. The surfing legend performed an aerial feat that has never been achieved in the history of the sport. Despite being at the advanced age of 42, old man Slater refuses to show his age and he pulled off the unthinkable in Portugal with this astounding maneuver. Slater, who has won 11 world titles and is currently ranked second in the world, sticks a preposterous 720, with two full airborne rotations on Friday on a a non-competition day in the middle of an ASP tour event. Some may argue that it is only a 540 because he started the air with his left foot forward, spun twice, and ended up with his right foot forward. While in skateboarding and snowboarding this would be considered a 720, not so in surfing. Whatever number you give it there is absolutely no debate that this was freaking insane.