Town’s 4th Of July Show Cut Short When Barge Catches Fire Setting Off Fireworks All At Once

by 3 years ago
fireworks plymouth massachusetts


Monday night people across America celebrated the 4th of July by attending fireworks shows all over the country.

One such place was in Plymouth, Massachusetts where folks in attendance got a show they will never forget, but definitely not one that they expected. For you see, their fireworks show was cut very short when a malfunction caused most of the fireworks to go off all at once.

Just 15 minutes into the show something went very wrong when one of the barges containing the night’s fireworks display caught fire and then spread to a second barge also containing more pyrotechnics.

Amazingly, somehow no one was reported to have been injured by any of the fireworks that went off unexpectedly.

Witness Julia Nittler said that when it happened it “shook the whole Earth.”

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