8 Photographic Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fall Asleep on Public Transit

We get it, its been a long hard night of drinking or just a day where you’re in the office and only got to take one fake 30min bathroom break. You’re tired and sometimes just need to take a nap on public transit. Sometimes you just take a cat nap, other times you’re just blacked out. But be warned, falling asleep on public transit has its downfalls.

People are going to take pictures: you’re at your most vulnerable moments and cant help what face you make. Also, don’t judge the author, you all take these too, one of us is ballsy enough to publish it.

People are going to take selfies:  I mean really, how can you not? Slap a filter on sleeping beauty.

You have no control: I mean, ZERO control, a knee is perfectly as good as a head rest, or the person next to you.

People might mess with you: Like have you check their B.O, how am I doing bro?

People might be “too nice”: Good night, sweet prince, shall I tell you a story?

People might fall asleep on you back: You might get bed bugs or lice.

And you never know how people are going to react when they wake up.


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