Badass 8-Year-Old Girl Uses Kung Fu Move Called ‘Cheetah Paw’ To Stop Would-Be Kidnapper

An 8-year-old girl saved herself and her little brother from an attempted kidnapping by using a “kung fu” move to stop her the aggressor in his tracks.

The girl credits the martial arts move with keeping her from being kidnapped when a man broke into her San Diego County home while she was sleeping over the weekend.

The suspect removed a ground floor window screen in the early hours of the morning and snuck into the house. He walked upstairs to the second floor bedroom she shares with her 6-year-old brother. The man began to carry her down the stairs and when the little girl realized what was going on, she used the “Cheetah Paw” to escape his grip.

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“You go like this — Ha!” the girl said in an interview after the ordeal. She threw a punch with a slightly closed fist. The move startled the guy and he let go of her and fled the house. Her parents have since had a security system installed.

The suspect is still at large.

[via NBC San Diego]