What Do 9/11, The Recession, Chilean Miners, And Katrina Have In Common? McDonald’s Hamburgers, Obvi

Also, the Columbia Space Shuttle crash and the band Fun.

If you aren’t confused by this, you were watching football yesterday. If you are confused, well, welcome to McDonald’s new ad campaign, “Signs.”

The ad shows various signs from McDonald’s over the past two decades referencing major tragedies and triumphs of America (and Chile).

And people hate it. McDonald’s can’t appropriate world events, they bark, as though one of the largest forces in globalization has less of a right to the world’s history than a Twitterer.

But more importantly, fuck Fun. I’ll admit they make some catchy, poignant tunes, but they also epitomize the worst stereotypes you could even begin to conceive of a Brooklyn hipster. Just look at these fucking dweebs.

Their song ‘Carry On’ is sung by a children’s choir and plays during the ad. Alright, enough exposition about a commercial. Here it is.

It’s a little stupid, yea, but it ain’t the atrocities of Hitler, that’s for certain. You wouldn’t believe that by looking at social media, though.

Abominable. Horrible. You know, words used for the awful events McDonald’s is referencing.

People do find comfort in food. There is that, so it’s not weird to tap into that feeling. Really, it’s whatever. It’s an ad, not the worst thing in the world.

I can’t say the same about Fun. however.