9 Things Every Bro Should Do This Summer

With the school year at a necessary conclusion, the days will be longer, girls’ skirts will be shorter and temperatures will be higher. In essence, the possibilities are endless; so dream big, Bro, because this summer is yours to conquer.

There isn’t a singular road map to lead you toward summer triumph, however, preparing a summer bucket list as soon as right now could pay off big dividends by the time fall rolls around.

Of course, the summer will include a lot of partying and pool hopping, but don’t settle for the ordinary, typical summer of amusement parks and movie theaters— you are free man with plenty of the world to see and experience. Remember: complacency never reigns victorious, so you must take action and that involves planning ahead.

Rest assured, there is more than plenty of time to maximize your summer itinerary.

If you follow this guide, you will get to where you want to go and complete a summer that you will remember for the rest of your life. JUST ADD BOOZE.

The Great American Road Trip

Trips to Europe are fun, but nothing can beat traveling across America for a few weeks or even months with nothing more than some gross, gas station food and a beaten down road map. Make this the summer you go out and travel across country. There is more than plenty to see ranging from the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone National Park. Whether you decide to do it in a trailer, in a car or, by the old fashioned way, on foot, you won’t be disappointed with what you see.

It will certainly beat standing in line at the local amusement park or jumping in your neighbor’s pool, I can guarantee that.

Host a Pig Roast

If you’ve never been a part of a pig roast, then you’re truly missing out. When I was in Tennessee one summer, I got to experience a real live Southern pig roast. And by experience, I mean I saw the family shoot the pig square in its eyes before cooking it. Now, I don’t expect you to replicate this practice but having a pig roast at your house is still worth whatever the cost may be. Get some beers, some good friends and have a nice day party. You won’t regret it.

For an extra touch, you may want to incorporate a bonfire next to the roasting pit. Nothing sets the summer mood quite like burning wood.

See a Half Dozen Concerts

Music and summertime are synonymous. The season compliments the music festival season so much better than any other period of the year. There’s such a noticeable difference going to an outdoor venue then seeing someone perform in an arena. Some people prefer the closed setting of a NBA stadium, but for those of you with any resemblance of sanity, the following summer months beckon you to go see as many shows as possible.

The best part about summer concerts are it doesn’t matter who’s performing. You can show up and have a great time regardless if you love or hate the person on stage.

Buy a Dog

I’ve told this to a few friends and gotten blank stares and questioning glares — no warm responses from anyone. Nonetheless, I still think summer time is the perfect time to get a dog if you’ve always wanted one. You have plenty of time to train it and bond with it and, more importantly, you can take it anywhere with you and use it to break the ice with any girl you want to chat up. Having a dog is truly a great investment. Not only will you never regret it, you will immediately have a companion that will always be by your side.

Golf Twice a Week

Getting onto the green as much as possible this summer is absolutely essential for any dude that is lounging around and not doing much. You may have some individual goals set in mind when the season starts, but what you really want to take away from this experience isn’t growth in your game; instead, you just want some relaxation from the mind-numbing clatter of everyday life. Nothing is more peaceful then going out and playing 18 holes before noon.

Crash a Wedding

A summer must that I often insist people try before they get too old. Weddings are the best part of summer and if you aren’t attending one this year, then make some of your own fun and make sure to crash one that is going on nearby. Now, you don’t need to attend the church service to do this, rather, the after party is where all the fun, and the booze, is. Timing is really important in crashing. If you get there too early, you may stand out as an unwanted intruder. If you get there too late, people may be too sloppy to accept you into the party. You’ve got to get them when they’re drunk and happy, which should be all night, but remember: you weren’t on the guest list originally so they won’t exactly be accepting you with open arms.

Go Cliff Jumping

These final three all include water, but none that has chlorine in it. Pools are great and all but they are too redundant and too mundane in the summertime. Regardless, of how you spend your summer, you will be in multiple pools doing the exact same thing: jumping in and getting out.

Cliff jumping is one of the best summertime activities because it’s exhilarating; it can be done at any point in the day (although I wouldn’t recommend it after dark) and can be done in repetition without losing anything. Done with the right crowd (no chickens allowed) and this could be one of the best moments of the entire season.

Adding a rope swing will only enhance this practice.


Similar to golfing, this exercise, yes I count fishing as an exercise, is relaxing and really just puts you in the right frame of mind. Not to mention, if you spend the whole day on the lake or ocean fishing, then you’re going to be able to soak up the sun, jump in the water and do whatever other activities you want. Spending the day fishing really allows you to do as you please. It’s liberating and masculine and just feels right to do as a man.

Water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing

I should just say get your boating license because being able to go out on the lake is really unmatched in terms of summer activities. Give me a pair of water skis or a tube over an amusement park any day of the week. Why people would rather go on rides rather than constantly be whipped around on a boat is beyond me. Wakeboarding is something I personally I have never tried, but maybe I will this summer.

After all, summer is the time where you allow yourself to grow by trying new things. Go out in the world and experiment fearlessly.