This 9-Year-Old Bro Already Has More Texting Game With His Girl Than You Do

Think your texts with girls are pretty good? You’ve got nothing on the 9-year-old little brother of Vine star Freddy Amazin. Kid’s already bringing it stronger than I probably ever will.

Even Freddy had to admit on Twitter after seeing this exchange, “My 9 year old brother and his girl are goals tbh.” That’s no joke either.

How he came to have so much game while texting at just 9-years-old is a mystery, but it’s obvious that they, especially “his girl,” know what they’re doing when you see a few of the acronyms they’re dropping.

Little bro even talks about how he’s working on his six-pack. He’s 9!

As one Twitter user astutely observed, “This kid is a savage already.”

Indeed he is.

H/T Mirror; Boy texting image by Shutterstock