This 9-Year-Old Is Making $1.3 MILLION Dollars A Year While You’re, What? Working At McDonald’s?

Ain’t nothing wrong with working in fast food; we all gotta pay our bills somehow. But this kid? He sees you McDick’s employees and spits in your general direction when your back is turned as you shovel shoestring potatoes into a shitty little cardboard fry container. He’s a league above all you peasants, and he damn well knows it.

Okay, maybe I’m being a little extreme – this kid’s 9. With any luck he’s stopped picking his nose by this point in life and knows his multiplication tables past 5. But he’s still making $1.3 million dollars a year, which means he’s making exactly $1.3 million more dollars than I am and that I still hate him. How’s he making this money, you ask? By doing stuff on YouTube, duh. He’s 9, it’s not like he’s a blossoming stock broker or something. According to Metro,

Evan and his dad Jared (to maintain some privacy, they have withheld their last name), set up their YouTube channel EvanTubeHD in 2011.

Four years on, they have almost 1.4 million subscribers and have had a staggering 1.2 billion page views.

The father-son duo post up to three videos a week. Evan reviews the toys – from anything which involves Angry Birds to Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle – and Jared does the filming, editing and posting.

Jared says the videos started as a bit of fun and an excuse for some dad and son bonding time – until the views kept rising.

He told Fast Company: ‘When we first started the channel, we had no intention of making a cent from our videos. We didn’t even know it was possible.’

But, after Evan’s reviews started getting thousands of hits, Jared started to get a little more curious about that ‘monetise’ button available to YouTube content creators.

Luckily for Evan, his dad isn’t a shithead and a large portion of their YouTube earnings wind up in a college fund for their kids. But before you getting all pissed about how much this kid is making a year like I was, think about what this job actually entails: spending time with your family all day every day.

You could not pay me to do that. I can’t handle more than 3 hours around my family, whether it’s Christmas Dinner or sleeping on the couch just being in the presence of my younger brother. These people are either psychotic or have a ridiculous amount of patience, and not gonna lie I can’t tell which it is.

Probably both.

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