This Supercut Of 90’s Disney Movies Just Made Me Bust Out My Pogs And Feed My Tamagotchi

According to Urban Dictionary a ‘Nostalgia Boner’ is defined as “when you remember something that used to make you happy and get metaphorically hard about it.” Which is precisely the reaction I had when watching this supercut of 90’s Disney movies. Technically the movies in this supercut started in the 80’s with The Great Mouse Detective (1986) and ran on into the double oughts with Treasure Planet (2002), but if we’re being honest with ourselves this was a 90’s supercut. The movies from this supercut were not only the greatest films of the 90’s, they were also the most formative movies of our lives.

Every quote in this supercut was like traveling back in time, to a place in life where it was totally cool to learn life lessons from an animated character. Which makes me a little bummed that I haven’t been keeping up with the most recent Pixar films. Pixar’s been putting out 90’s Disney quality films non-stop since they first launched, but with the price of going to the movie theater these days can you really blame me for not keeping up? Who had $50 laying around to drop on two tickets to a movie? That’s what a concert costs, and I’ll always choose Phish over Pixar. Anyways, this supercut was glorious.