Absolute Jerk Sells Newborn Baby For Sum Of Money That Makes This Story Even Worse

Ugh. The idiots keep breeding. This guy is from China and obviously a complete piece of shit.

The man, A Duan, was only 18-years-old in March 2015 when he decided to sell his daughter to a stranger.

He had no desire to be a parent and was worried about how he was going to pay for the care of his new child.

A Duan hadn’t completed high school and the mother of his child, Xiao Mei, was underage. They spent little time together, as she worked a variety of temporary jobs and he wasted his days in various Internet cafes in the city of Tong’an, which is located in the province of Fujian.

Hmmmm then maybe you should have wrapped it up? Birth control with a stranger is a crazy concept, I realize.

While in one of the Internet cafes, A Duan began exploring on the social media instant messaging platform QQ. During his search, he came across a man who was willing to buy the infant. The two men negotiated back and forth until settling upon the sum of $3,520 (23,000 yuan).

Nice. Three grand. Human life, his own kid, is worth $3,500 to this guy. He just wanted enough to buy an iPhone and motorbike.

The buyer gave the little baby to his sister, who’s unable to have children, but people started asking questions. Probably questions like “whoa, where the hell did that baby come from?!?!” Cops started asking questions and the guy fessed up about the whole transaction.

The dad felt the heat and turned himself in. He’s now serving three years in jail.

[via Today.ng]

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