Want To Get Your Frat Suspended? Replace Lyrics Of ‘Hey Jude’ With ‘Send Nudes’ And Serenade A Sorority

The brothers of Acacia at Ohio University are in some hot water after a video surfaced allegedly showing members or pledges of the fraternity serenading the ladies of Alpha Delta Pi with a new take on the Beatles’ Hey Jude. Recorded, conveniently enough, by the copy chief of The Post – Ohio U’s student run newspaper – the video in question allegedly shows the Acacia men singing, “Send nudes, don’t let me down. Take my soft dick and make it harder.”


While the “Send nudes” quip is pretty blatant to hear, the other part of the song, which was attributed to the men’s tune when student Olivia Hitchcock tweeted the 7-second video out last week, is not audible on the recording.



But it seems that really doesn’t matter to administration at Ohio University, who has suspended Acacia indefinitely pending an investigation into the chapter.

From The Athens News:

The Ohio University chapter of Acacia fraternity is suspended from any further “organizational activity” pending an ongoing university investigation, an OU spokesperson said Friday.

The fraternity is being investigated due to a seven-second video posted to Twitter on the evening of Oct. 28 by an OU student, university spokesperson Katie Quaranta said. The video appears to show men on the front porch of a sorority house on South Court Street singing a sexually explicit song to the tune of “Hey Jude.”

Quaranta said Friday that the university is aware of the video, and “a preliminary investigation has produced information linking the behavior to Acacia, a registered fraternity at Ohio University.”

Quaranta said that the fraternity has been “issued a directive to immediately cease and desist all organizational activity while the investigation is ongoing.”

Listen, I don’t care if the sorority girls in question even found the sexually explicity Beatles rendition funny. You just can’t go around doing stuff like this in public. Not in the day and age we live in where everyone has a cell phone and an agenda. Behind closed doors? Fine. Sing your heart out. But not for the whole world to hear standing on ADPi’s front porch.

For the record, when my pledge class was charged with serenading back in the day, we did Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose” accompanied by some masterful dancing from three self-appointed members of the “spirit committee.” The lyrics were not altered in any way, and the woman of TriDelta loved us all the same.

[h/t Gawker]