Male School Advisor Insanely Bodyslams A Female Teacher During A Pick-Up Basketball Game

teacher bodyslam basketball game

YouTube - Leslie Taylor

I’ve heard of getting into someone’s head during a pick-up basketball game, but this woman, Katherine Martin, must have been doing some serious Larry Bird shit on this idiot, Travis Mims, for him to go all WWE on her like this.

Do I even need to tell you that this happened in the state of Florida? Home of the alleged naked female public masturbators? I didn’t think so.

Mims, who is 6’ 2” and weighs 260 pounds, “picked up Ms. Martin’s body, turned her upside down, and maliciously threw her body onto the floor,” according to a charging affidavit that neatly summarizes what is seen on the above video released by police.

Martin, who was teamed up with a student, was playing against Mims and another pupil. Martin told cops that during the game Mims was becoming increasingly aggressive, and that “there was an exchange of words between” her and Mims “concerning fouling.”

“Then all of a sudden Mims violently picked up Ms. Martin by her waist, turned her body around, and slammed her to the ground,” reported cops, who added that the teacher’s “head struck the ground first, then other parts of her body sustained injury.”

When asked by the police why he felt the need to bodyslam Ms. Martin, a 33-year-old special education teacher, Mims said that Martin kept complaining that he was fouling her and that she pushed his face with her hands.

Oh, it all makes sense then. Moron.

Mims, a campus advisor, was arrested for felony battery and later released after posting bond.

Crazy video below…

H/T The Smoking Gun