Some Paris-Bound Dude Was So Ticked Off He Couldn’t Drink Or Smoke He Decided To Piss On A Fellow Passenger

An extremely irate passenger on a Paris-bound flight resorted to urinating on a fellow passenger apparently because he was not allowed to smoke or drink booze on Air Mediterranee. The flight was forced to land at Lyon’s international airport, where it was delayed for three hours after flight attendants managed to pin down the shirtless, pissing bandit.

According to the New York Post, another man involved in the ruckus that ensued following the flying urine was also removed from the flight. I’m guessing that might’ve been the guy who got peed on? Call me crazy, it’s just a hunch.

The translation of the tweet is almost as good as the story itself:

“Flight Algiers Paris this morning on air lib a man Pete shot immobilized aircraft diverted to Lyon!”

Diverted to Lyon! Oh no, Pete. Get well, get well soon, we wish you to get well!

The Post also went on to offer a brief history of people peeing on other people while in-flight:

In September, a man was arrested at Portland International Airport in Oregon after he allegedly urinated on fellow passengers on a JetBlue flight from Alaska. The 27-year-old man, who had been sleeping for most of the flight, stood up and began peeing through the space between the seats in front of him.

In 2011, French actor Gerard Depardieu was ejected from a CityJet flight from Paris to Dublin after he wet the aisle while the plane was taxiing to a runway. He fumed that he needed to use the toilet, but was told he would have to wait until the plane was airborne.

See, the sleeping dude in Oregon was probably just disoriented. Poor bro had no idea who or what he was pissing on. The French actor is just a flat-out prick.

[H/T NY Post]

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