This Might Be The Cruelest Prank You Can Play On People At An Airport

by 9 months ago

Flying can be frustrating. There are plenty of shitty things that can affect your trip that are all out of your control. If I were to list the three worst things that can happen to me while I am in an airport, that are actually related to an airport (so, not like pooping my pants), my list would include: 1) a brutally long delay or flight cancelation, 2) lost baggage, 3) my phone or computer dying and not being able to find an unoccupied outlet.

Now that I think about it, I wish I added something about going through security to that list, because that process gives me anxiety, but let’s keep going.

Keeping the things I listed in mind, what prank could someone possibly play that includes one of them? I suppose someone could steal your luggage, but that is less of a prank and more of something that should be punishable by death. The answer is fake power outlets to fuck with people who are running out of battery life. That is what a guy named @JustBasicDave decided to do while he was waiting for a flight to London at Miami International Airport. He put a bunch of fake outlet stickers on poles around the airport and then he waited for people to try to plug their phone into them. Cruel. So cruel.

[H/T Mashable]


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