Alcoholic Police Officer In Denver Claims ‘Bro, I’m a cop’ During Arrest

The Denver police department in Colorado is apparently full of raging alcoholics. No, that’s not a hyperbole.

Denver Police Chief Robert White initiated a review of alcohol abuse among DPD officers following a series of high profile arrests involving DPD officers. White said the common denominator in most cases was booze.
“We’ve had several incidents involving officers involved in off-duty activity that doesn’t reflect well on them or reflect well on the police department,” said White.
White said he has designated several members of the department to look into the spate of alcohol related incidents.

While this is all sad and boo-hoo, cops trying to weasel themselves out of being arrested is a total dick move.

“As deputies arrested Pinder for DUI, Pinder said, ‘Bro, I’m a cop,’ according to police reports. Pinder asked deputies if they had noticed a blue line insignia on his Jeep ‘telling you that I was a cop?’
… Officer Pinder then told Deputy Clark that if he were in a stolen vehicle in Denver, ‘under the same circumstances,’ Officer Pinder ‘would not have made contact with (Deputy Clark), let alone arrest (Deputy Clark).’
A blood alcohol test on Pinder showed his blood alcohol content to be .241, more than three times the legal limit for DUI.”

COOL DUDE, not ONLY are you a douche for trying to talk your way out of a DUI just by being a cop, but you flat-out told the guy arresting you that if it were him in this situation, 0 fucks would be given and everything would be hunky dory. And a .241 blood alcohol level? That’s not even subtle. By that point you KNOW you’re blacked out drunk and couldn’t even operate a toaster if you tried. Maybe next time I get arrested I’ll go with “Bro, I’m not a cop, but if I was I’d totally let myself out of this.”

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