As If Americans Couldn’t Get Any Fatter, McDonald’s Is Experimenting With All You Can Eat Fries

After years of falling sales, McDonald’s finally reversed the trend this year, thanks to giving customers what they want.

All day breakfast.

It’s a tact that seemed common sense, but is radical in the world of corporate America. Give people the ability to buy something they love whenever they want.

Now, McDonald’s is trying something even more wild. Give customers all they could possibly want of something they love.

McDonald’s will open a shop in Missouri that will serve all-you-can-eat fries. That’s right. All you can eat fries.

According to the St. Joseph News-Press, it’s a “franchise of the future,” where McDonald’s will showcase concepts they may eventually launch nationwide.

More than anything, it sounds like a Round Robin.

The plan is to focus on casual dining and quick service by incorporating earthy tones with couches and arm chairs to larger-than-life kiosks to take customized orders.

The kiosks will not replace actual employees. Habiger said that the company, Habiger West, plans to hired 85 new employees in the next several months.

However, Habiger said the kiosks will enhance customer service by allowing customers to personalize their burger or chicken sandwich orders. With this option comes McDonald’s newest feature: all-you-can-eat french fries.

Spark your bongs now, Bros. I bet ten of us could put them out of business if we really tried. I could eat so many fries.

The Missouri location will open this summer. Can you say road trip?

[Via The Daily Dot]