According To This Report The Founder Of Southern Tide Shot And Killed A Man Outside Of His Home In Self Defense

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If this report is to be believed it seems as if Allen Stephenson, the founder of Southern Tide, one of the most recognizable bro brands in America (basically ‘Vineyard Vines of the South’), might have been involved in a homicide last weekend in Greenville, South Carolina.

On Saturday morning FOX Carolina reported that police had responded to a call in Greenville, South Carolina after reports of a man ‘seeing a suspicious person in his yard’ around 9am, and shortly there after shots were fired. The ‘suspicious person’ was identified as Matthew Whitman, 32, a Greenville local. He was pronounced dead on the scene by the coroner, and the death has been ruled a homicide. Here’s where things take a turn for the murky though.

Dillon Cheverere over at tracked down the address of where the altercation occurred, Paris Mountain Castle, and TFM‘s reporting that according to the Greenville County Tax Appraiser the home at that address is owned by Mr. Allen Stephenson, the founder of Southern Tide apparel.

Now I wish I could confirm this by searching the Tax Appraiser’s website myself but I’m a bit of an ignoramus when it comes to most governmental websites, and I just can’t seem to find Allen Stephenson’s name attached to that address but it also appears as if I need an account # or map # in order to effectively search the tax collector’s website.

So, how was this ruled a homicide and we haven’t heard anything about it from the mainstream news? Here’s what has to say about that:

It looks like this case will come down to the interpretation of South Carolina’s “Stand Your Ground” law, and the shooter’s account of the incident in proving he was protecting himself or others “from death or great bodily injury or to prevent the commission of a violent crime.”

South Carolina’s Protection of Persons and Property Act (“PPPA”), more commonly referred to as the “Stand Your Ground” law, is similar to other states regarding home invasions. This incident occurred on Stephenson’s front lawn, though, where the law also applies.

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